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Quantized real-time object detection optimized for mobile and edge by Ultralytics.

Ultralytics YOLOv8 is a machine learning model that predicts bounding boxes and classes of objects in an image. This model is post-training quantized to int8 using samples from the COCO dataset.

Not supported

This model is currently not supported on any Compute chipset.

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Technical Details

Model checkpoint:YOLOv8-N
Input resolution:640x640
Number of parameters:3.18M
Model size:3.26 MB

Applicable Scenarios

  • Factory Automation
  • Robotic Navigation
  • Camera


Source Model:AGPL-3.0
Deployable Model:AGPL-3.0


  • real-time
    A “real-time” model can typically achieve 5-60 predictions per second. This translates to latency ranging up to 200 ms per prediction.
  • quantized
    A “quantized” model can run in low or mixed precision, which can substantially reduce inference latency.

Supported Compute Chipsets

  • Snapdragon® X Elite