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Real-time Speech processing.

HuggingFaceWavLMBasePlus is a real time speech processing backbone based on Microsoft's WavLM model.

Not supported

This model is currently not supported on any Compute chipset.

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Technical Details

Model checkpoint:wavlm-libri-clean-100h-base-plus
Input resolution:1x320000
Number of parameters:95.1M
Model size:363 MB

Applicable Scenarios

  • Smart Home
  • Accessibility


Source Model:MIT
Deployable Model:AI Model Hub License


  • backbone
    A “backbone” model is designed to extract task-agnostic representations from specific data modalities (e.g., images, text, speech). This representation can then be fine-tuned for specialized tasks.

Supported Compute Chipsets

  • Snapdragon® X Elite